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Meet Gofi, our mascot at GF Hotels

Still don’t know Gofi? Today we will tell you everything you need to know about him so that your children can spend this summer having fun, playing and laughing by his side.

Fun, happiness and joy are the words that define Gofi, our mascot. A palm tree with green leaves, with a muscular trunk and an indelible smile, whose main objective is to ensure the amusement of the little ones is guaranteed.

At GF Hotels we know the importance of family trips and the experiences shared with the “little ones” during their holidays. For this reason, we have the most entertaining and witty mascot.

Gofi, cheerful and sociable, is the perfect companion for entertainment during your stay in our hotels; he will fill it with joy and a special and unforgettable magic for our youngest guests.

If you decide to visit us in the summer, August is Gofi’s birthday month and, of course, you are invited! He is waiting for you and looking forward to lots of fun!

The best holidays with children in GF HOTELS

Our GF Hotels are privileged places, ideal for spending family holidays. In all our establishments, you will discover an unimaginable number of possibilities, with the best facilities, the best environment and the best service!

We can highlight our range of activities which are adapted for all ages and, especially, for our most pampered guests, the children. We offer pools specially designed for them, water parks, miniclubs, mini-discos and a multitude of recreational areas which means they will have no time to be bored.


This hotel, located in Costa Adeje, is the latest establishment to join the GF Hotels family and offers unique facilities to turn your holidays into memorable experiences.

A water park, a tree house, a large adventure area and a mini club, are just some of the options for the little ones to experience special moments during their stay.

Gofi is the protagonist of the activities that take place in the MiniClub. Our young animation team will ensure the children get to know him and create some fun together!