Internal Regulations


In the exercise of the Right of Admission, which the owners of hotel establishments have, regulated in Decree 86/2013 (articles 47 and 49), at any time, they may expel from the hotel establishment or not give access to:
a) People who want to gain access when the maximum authorized capacity has already been reached or the opening hours of the establishment have been fulfilled.
b) People who manifest violent attitudes or who publicly incite hatred, violence or discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance and, in particular, those who behave aggressively or cause altercations outside or at the entrance and those who carry weapons or objects that can be used as such.
c) People who show symptoms of drunkenness or who are consuming drugs or narcotic substances or show symptoms of having consumed them.
d) People who do not meet the minimum age required, in accordance with current regulations, unless they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.
e) People who require a service that the establishment does not provide for their stay at the hotel.
f) Persons who do not comply with the dress standards required in each case by the hotel staff for each event or area of the hotel.
g) People who use the pools outside the established hours.
h) People who bring animals into the hotel without the written permission of the management, except for people with functional diversity.
i) People who cause altercations, noise, damage to the hotel facilities, attitudes contrary to the health and cleanliness of the establishment and, in general, people who do not comply with the instructions of the hotel staff regarding decorum, good neighbourliness and any other indication.
j) Users must leave the room when they do not pay or when the time specified in the reservation expires, unless another agreement is reached with the hotel.
k) Users who practice ’balconing’.

Any person who is in the establishment, under the conditions described above, may be expelled by the owner of the establishment or his representative, at any time; the assistance of Security Services or Law Enforcement Bodies may be required.

The circulation and stay within the establishment will be in the places reserved for clients, and they will have no access to other rooms or reserved / private spaces. The dress code will be the appropriate in each case.
The express indications of the hotel staff regarding behaviour, clothing, decorum and any other matter focused on seeking a pleasant stay for all hotel customers, must be complied with. The following standards must be adhered to:
a) Access to the bars/restaurants is not allowed in wet clothing.
b) It is not permitted to take furniture from the interior of the hotel to areas such as swimming pools & terraces, nor can said furniture be used for any other use than that for which it was initially intended.
c) The consumption of drinks brought from outside is not allowed in the public areas of the hotel.
d) Smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment, except in the outdoor areas indicated by the hotel.
e) Sufficient precaution must be taken if you use an iron, electrical appliance or other objects that cause heat, fire or sparks, in each accommodation; this is under the responsibility of the client.
f) Assisting in the access of people who are not staying in the hotel establishment is prohibited. Such access must be expressly authorized in writing by hotel staff.
g) It is strictly prohibited for clients on the “All Inclusive” regime to share drinks with other clients.
h) The reservation of sunbeds by the pool is not allowed by the action of leaving towels or personal objects on them. The hotel staff will remove both towels and belongings.
i) This establishment does not accept cash payment in bars and restaurants. Every client staying will have a credit arrangement, charging all their drinks directly to their room and they can pay at the reception at any time they deem convenient. They can also, if they wish, make payment by credit card at the time of making the purchase (cash payments can only be made at the hotel reception).
j) In the case of detecting fraudulent operations or habits in the use of the credit service offered by the establishment to all its clients, they will be informed. Credit facilities may be modified or cancelled by the decision of the hotel.
k) The rooms have a clothesline, so it is not allowed to hang clothes on the railings of the rooms
l) It is not allowed to take food out of the hotel restaurants.
m) It is not allowed to take towels outside the hotel establishment. All hotel services are for exclusive use within the hotel
n) It is not permitted to cook in the rooms using portable kitchens.
o) Pets and companion animals are not allowed, except for exceptions expressly previously accepted by the hotel management for each user (functional diversity).
p) Balconing is prohibited. The hotel establishment is not responsible for bodily harm
caused to guests by performing 'balconing'. The hotel establishment will claim from any guest who practices 'balconing', the damages caused to the establishment (material damage or other expenses) that are a direct consequence of 'balconing'.
Balconing by a hotel guest may be sanctioned with expulsion from the hotel establishment, without this generating any right of return or reimbursement from the hotel to the guest. If necessary, the assistance of the state security forces, and bodies (police) will be sought. Any cost caused to the hotel for customer assistance due to performing 'balconing' will be assumed by the guest.

a) Watch and control your luggage, do not leave it unattended.
b) Close the door to your room when you leave and try to open it again to make sure it is closed.
c) When you are in the room, keep the door properly closed, even if it is only for a short time.
d) Lock luggage when not in use and place it in your wardrobe. If your luggage has a lock, always use it.
e) Protect your room key. Do not just leave your key at the reception desk. Always return the key by hand to staff before leaving.
f) Do not keep the room opening card with any document indicating the establishment or the room number.
g) Immediately notify the management of any abnormal event that you notice, such as: people in a suspicious attitude in the corridors, repeated phone calls from people who do not identify themselves, knocks on the door of your room from people you do not know, or not finding anyone when you go to open it.
h) Do not invite strangers to your room or tell them your room number.
i) Do not allow maintenance personnel to enter your room without being requested or authorized by management.
j) You have at your disposal a safety deposit box in your room. Check with the reception the terms for its correct use. The establishment will not be responsible for the damages that may be suffered by objects that are not placed in the safety deposit box.

The Management
These regulations are available to customers on our website and at the reception of each hotel.