Best Price Guarantee

If you find a better price after your reservation, we will match it.

  • The customer must have a confirmed reservation on www.gfhoteles.com for the cheapest disposable price with the corresponding reference code.
  • The found cheaper price must be disposable on another website at equivalent conditions like they are on www.gfhoteles.com, meaning that the reservation is confirmed immediately and in real time. The price must apply to the same general conditions like they exist at the reservation on www.gfhoteles.com, i.e. the same hotel, room type, board, time period, number of guests as well as the same currency. The guarantee does not apply to reservations accomplished by flight+hotel, Stayforlong and Trip.com. The same holds true for websites and internet portals on which the name of the hotel is not shown during the reservation. Mobile images are not accepted, it must be a screenshot made from a computer.
  • The guarantee does not apply to website errors or the publishment of prices on other websites.
  • The guarantee applies to cheap prices including restrictions such as cancelation policy or depostis equivalent to the existing reservation conditions on www.gfhoteles.com.
  • The guarantee does not apply to unpublished or confidential prices, all sorts of coupons, package tour rates with further services, business rates, groups, meetings, etc.
  • The guarantee refers to the final price payable by the customer including all service costs, charges, taxes and administrative fees, which are charged on the other websites. An essential requirement for the equalization process to begin is to send to the hotel an image of the final quote, which also reflects the time and date of the consultation. This must have been done on the same day that the hotel is petitioned.
  • The guarantee refers to the final price payable by the customer for the overall duration of its stay.
  • The guarantee will not be accepted, if the difference between the cheaper price and the price on www.gfhoteles.com is less than 1,00 €. Thus the price has to differ from the original price at least at one unit position, a difference in the decimal places is not accepted.
  • All demands must be claimed within 48 hours after the original reservation on www.gfhoteles.com. The deadline to confirm the disparity by the hotel is 24 business hours.
    Maximum time 48 hours before arrival and response time 24 hours.