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  • GF Hoteles: first hotels in the Canary Islands to join the UN Global Compact

GF Hoteles: first hotels in the Canary Islands to join the UN Global Compact

  • The recently inaugurated GF Victoria 5 * GL is the last of the hotels in the chain to join this momentous initiative.

  • GF Gran Costa Adeje 5 * is the ‘prescribing partner’ through which all the establishments of the GF Hoteles chain have joined as signatory partners.

The Canarian hotel chain GF Hoteles, belonging to Grupo Fedola, ratifies its support and participation in the UN Global Sustainability Compact, with the accession of another of its hotels.

The recently inaugurated GF Victoria 5 * GL, the last of the hotels of the chain to join this momentous initiative of the United Nations.

This step taken by GF Hoteles with all its establishments, not only makes it the Canarian chain with the first hotels on the islands to be part of this pact, but also reinforces its involvement in actions that contemplate a responsible, sustainable and respectful tourism with the environment.

GF Gran Costa Adeje 5 * is the first hotel partner in the Canary Islands to join this international commitment and that, in addition, is a ‘prescribing partner’ because it has been through this hotel that all the establishments of the GF Hoteles chain have joined signatory partners: GF Isabel, GF Fañabe, GF Noelia and finally the new GF Victoria.

The Global Compact and its international relevance

The Global Compact is formalized within the United Nations Convention on climate change, following the Paris agreement, in 2015.

Thousands of companies from more than 160 countries are involved in what is considered to be the largest and most innovative corporate social responsibility initiative of the entire world to stop global warming.

There are 10 principles that make up the Spanish Network of the Global Compact and 17 the objectives (ODS) that derive from them. The signatory companies have these objectives as a reference in their strategies to include actions oriented towards sustainable development.

GF Hoteles y su compromiso con esta gran iniciativa

Cada uno de los GF Hoteles ha asumido los principios promovidos por este acuerdo internacional que, entre sus objetivos principales, contempla la implicación de las empresas privadas para frenar el calentamiento del planeta, con acciones que fomentan el consumo de energías limpias y el uso responsable de los recursos.

Es un importante reto que asumen cada uno de los establecimientos que conforman la cadena hotelera del Grupo Fedola. Además, este compromiso se convierte en una ventaja competitiva para GF Hoteles y le aporta valor ante sus proveedores, clientes y los distintos grupos de interés.

GF Gran Costa Adeje 5*, como socio prescriptor y GF Isabel, GF Fañabe, GF Noelia y GF Victoria 5* GL como socios signatory o adheridos, son los primeros 5 hoteles de las Islas Canarias en formar parte de una de las iniciativas mundiales más importantes que promueven la sostenibilidad empresarial y la responsabilidad social corporativa.

GF Hotels and their commitment to this great initiative

Each of the GF Hoteles has assumed the principles promoted by this international agreement that, among its main objectives, includes the involvement of private companies to stop global warming, with actions that promote the consumption of clean energy and the responsible use of the resources.

It is an important challenge assumed by each of the establishments that make up the hotel chain of Grupo Fedola. In addition, this commitment becomes a competitive advantage for GF Hoteles and adds value to its suppliers, customers and different interest groups.

GF Gran Costa Adeje 5 *, as prescribing partner and GF Isabel, GF Fañabe, GF Noelia and GF Victoria 5 * GL as signatory or adhered partners, are the first 5 hotels in the Canary Islands to be part of one of the world’s most important initiatives that promote business sustainability and corporate social responsibility.