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Halloween 2018: myths, legends and mysteries of Tenerife

Halloween night is one of the most anticipated nights of the year, able to wrap everything in a halo of mystery, full of ghosts, witches and spirits. This tradition, coming from anglosaxon countries, coexists in Canarias with its own legends, phenomena and inexplicable stories. Tenerife becomes a destination full of interesting enigmas, capable of awakening your curiosity. Why not taking a look at the most spooky and mysterious stories?

One about ghosts

Legend tells that, in the city of La Laguna, once upon a time lived a wealthy family of Genoese settlers named Lercaro. The young daughter, Catalina Lercaro, was forced by her father to marry a man older than her, known for her great position and wealth. The girl did not love that man and just by hearing his name a great pain ran through her heart. One night, moved by desperation, she walked through the house towards one of the inner courtyards of the house and, immersed in an immense despair, threw herself into the bottom of the well. Since then, many claim to have seen the ghost of Catalina strolling through the corridors of the emblematic building, accompanied by noise arising from nowhere, moving furniture, lights and electrical appliances that are activated alone, shadows and presences.


Barranco de Badajoz

The stories narrated by some witnesses around the Barranco de Badajoz, in Güímar, have become the most popular among those who seek and enjoy the sensation of terror and chills running down their backs. The legend begins when a little girl, sent by her mother, goes out to look for pears through the narrow channel of the ravine. During her walk, she meets a kind and angelic woman dressed in white, who invites her to enter a nearby cave. After eating, resting and enjoying the idyllic surroundings, she returns home with a strange sensation. Everything had changed. She does not recognize the landscape. There are more houses, more cars… Upon entering her house she found a downcast and distressed woman sitting in the small room; It was her mother and forty years had passed! From here, stories of white entities, unexplainable lights, psychophonies and all kinds of mysteries surround the place.


A demon inhabits the Teide

All the narrations and legends of Tenerife have always been present in the popular culture of the inhabitants of the island, passed down through generations to become part of traditional folklore. Among them, the myth of Guayota can not be absent, a story that relates the evil one with the emblematic symbol of all the people of Tenerife. For the aborigines of Tenerife, Guayota was the evil figure who lived inside the Teide. This entity, had the power to awaken the volcano, scattering fire, lava and ashes throughout the island whenever he wanted. According to the legend, Achamán, the supreme God of the Guanches, obtained the tranquility for the population of the island after enclosing Guayota inside the volcano. From that moment and frequently, the Canarian aborigines went to the crater to make offerings to this mythological being with which, supposedly they would be able to put out their fury, preventing him from waking up and leaving his dwelling.


The mystery of the Island of San Borondón

The following legend can be framed not only within the legends of Tenerife, but of the legends of the Canaries in general. One of the most popular stories of the Canary Islands tells how an eighth island appears and disappears near the Island of El Hierro, and can be seen among the clouds from Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera. The origin of this imaginary island is in a maritime expedition carried out by the Irish monk San Brandán in the year 516. According to the writings, they arrived at an astonishing island of black sand, in which the sun never set and the trees gave abundant fruits. It was thought, for a long time, that it was Paradise.


In the Canary Islands, the celebration of Halloween night combines historical traditions of the islands with original customs from different parts of the world. Tenerife collects a large number of these phenomena, stories and legends, which make it an ideal destination for lovers of mystery.

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