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The best beaches to practice surf in Tenerife

Tenerife enjoys exceptional geographical and climatic conditions for the practice of surfing and water sports. Throughout the year, lovers of these disciplines from all over Europe, find on the island the perfect setting to enjoy the sea and the waves.

Long days, mild weather all year round and pleasant water temperature with an average of 20º, allow you to go surfing as many hours as you wish. Do not miss the best beaches or spots and some tips to make your experience something special.

South Zone

La Izquierda Beach

Surfing in Tenerife has a fixed enclave: Playa La Izquierda in Las Américas. Located in a privileged place, it has all the necessary services. Its name is due to the quality of the wave and its location in the core of the tourist destination par excellence of Tenerife. It is known internationally for its long-distance wave with different sections, vertical descent wall, hollow sections and very fast near the shore. Indicated for surfers of medium and high levels, it is recommended to visit it during the months of October and March.

Las Galletas Beach

This beach of the municipality of Arona is located around a small town, famous for its tranquility. With volcanic reef bottom, waves from right and left, pipes and wall, this beach is a good choice for beginners and experienced surfers who want to surf in Tenerife. It has all the services and the optimal season recommended for surfers is during the months of June and September, although throughout the year we can see the sea dotted with riders waiting for the perfect wave.

La Tejita Beach

This enclave located in the town of El Médano, in the municipality of Granadilla, houses the perfect conditions for surfing. In fact, different water sports competitions are organized throughout the year. The strong wind blowing in the area causes high waves, pipes and wall, to develop all kinds of acrobatics. If you are passionate about surfing and at the same time you like to enjoy a good landscape, do not think about it and go to La Tejita.

Surf Pool at GF Victoria ***** GL

If you prefer to stay in the comfort of the hotel, you can do it in the surf pool of our GF Victoria, which is unique in the Canary Islands. It has been designed for all levels of skill and if you are an expert, you can continue your training here during the holidays. If you are willing to take the first steps in the world of surfing, this is the perfect wave to get started. Make it your main challenge during your holidays!


North Zone

El Socorro Beach

In the north of the island of Tenerife, in the municipality of Los Realejos, we find one of the best options for those who are learning to surf. With bottom of callao and sand and excellent waves of left and right, they make it the best option for those who want to gain experience. Ideal for all levels, the optimal surfing activity is appreciated and recommended throughout the year. Waves for expert surfers can make an appearance in isolation.

Los Dos Hermanos Beach

This beach located in Punta del Hidalgo, in La Laguna, is located in a privileged place protected from the wind by the line of cliffs that accompany the Roque de Los Hermanos. With rock bottom and series of long right and short left waves, it is a perfect place for experienced surfers. It does not have services, its access is not enabled and activity is recommended in winter and, preferably, at high tide.


Flying over the waves at any time of the day is the dream of everyone who is in love with this sport. You can choose from a multitude of possibilities along the entire island coast. If you do not like a wave, you can go to another. Tenerife is the ideal place to make that dream come true.