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Open up your heart, everything is possible

Employees and managers of GF Isabel and GF Hoteles have added their support to the charity lunch promoted by the group Los colores de la Vida (The Colours of Life), in support of women with breast cancer

More than 120 people have taken part in a day full of joy, celebration and solidarity to raise money for the Carrera por la Vida (Race for Life) project

“Your struggle is our struggle.” This is the motto the collective The Colours of Life has used to promote its anti-breast cancer campaign this year. This collective, made up of a group of GF Isabel Hotel employees, has been active for years in support of women with limited economic resources and who have to face the high costs of treating this disease. This year, with the strong support of the entire GF Hotels chain, the first Solidarity Luncheon was held, in benefit of the Race for Life.

More than 120 people attended the event that took place in the Plaza Canaria of GF Isabel, where guests enjoyed not only food but also music, surprises, gifts and many exciting moments.

Macu Hernández is the department head of the GF Isabel Apartments and the person at the forefront of The Colours of Life team.  “We want to do our bit in the struggle against breast cancer and to help those who need it, whatever their illness,” said Hernández.

Example of solidarity

It is an initiative that started up among employees of GF Isabel Apartments and that has extended to the rest of their colleagues, with the participation of the management of the establishment.

The Colours of Life is a team focused on fighting disease and helping sufferers based on the empathy and camaraderie that reigns among the members of the hotel’s apartment section.

The decision to collaborate with people suffering from serious illnesses and with limited resources came about in 2014, when one of the members of the department revealed that she was suffering from cancer, and her colleagues went out of their way to help her pay part of her costly medical expenses.

It was then when they decided to create a solidarity calendar with photos of colleagues. Each month was represented by a photo of the employee whose birthday month it was, giving rise to a monthly celebration that served as an excuse to raise funds.