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GF Hoteles reduces buffet waste thanks to artificial intelligence

Buffet La Finca, at GF Gran Costa Adeje, is the first restaurant in the chain to implement this measurement tool that reduces organic waste

“There is no better waste than that which is not generated”, highlights Juan Carlos de León, Director of Operations at GF Hotels

With a database of more than 40,000 photos, GF Hotels has implemented a predictive production system that demonstrates the amount of food that is thrown away in its buffets. It’s called Buffet Waste and it’s a tool that applies an artificial intelligence system that reduces and adjusts the production of food served to guests based on their nationality, age, gender and period of the year. The first results of the measurements already taken show, only at breakfast, a 50% reduction in some foods such as eggs and sausages.

The software is designed to find out what amount and type of products are thrown away each day while helping to know in detail the dishes with the highest rotation at the  breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. After recognition of the food, it is weighed. The results are transferred to the database controlled by the head chef. With the appropriate sequence of data it’s possible to better plan your pantry and to optimize the use of resources.

GF Gran Costa Adeje’s La Finca Buffet is the first restaurant in the hotel chain to implement this measurement system. Moisés Expósito, Sustainability Coordinator for GF Hotels, says that with this tool “we will achieve a reduction in consumption, transport and production of the product that we are going to discard, thus achieving less use of natural resources and a reduction in the carbon footprint”. Buffet Waste control is associated with GF Hotel’s Sustainability Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The best waste, the one that is not generated

In this strategy there is a declaration of intent that Director of Operations of the chain, Juan Carlos de León clarifies: “There is no better waste than that which is not generated” and adds that with this system “we can measure not only if our economic activity has a negative impact on the environment, but we will also know the tastes and preferences of our customers, taking into account different parameters such as the profile of the guest, the season or even the outside temperature”.

The objective of GF Hotels is to continue working on reducing food waste by implementing this tool in the rest of its establishments. With this action, the chain strengthens the purpose set out in the 2023-2026 Sustainability Plan and which happens to be a benchmark for sustainable management in the local tourism sector.