GF Hoteles collaborates with the NGDO Mamanafrica Humanitaria in the collection of sun protection products for albinos in Senegal

With the help of guests, the hotel chain collected a total of 12 boxes of products ready to be shipped

Sunglasses, caps & sun creams are some of the objects collected

The hotel chain collaborates in the Mamanafrica Humanitaria project of the Hotel and Non-Hotel Association of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, Ashotel. An initiative to collect sun protection products that tourists either forget and do not claim in the establishments where they have stayed or want to donate them voluntarily to send them to the group of albino people in Senegal.

Sunglasses, caps, hats or sun protection creams are some of the products that were collected at GF Gran Costa Adeje, GF Victoria, GF Fañabé, GF Isabel and GF Noelia. With the help of its guests, the hotel chain collected a total of 12 boxes of products ready to be shipped.

The recipients of these articles are members of an association of albinos from Tambacounda, in eastern Senegal, aged between 1 and 50 years. The high price of some of these products, such as sunglasses and sun protection creams, make it difficult for the local population to access them.