GF Gran Costa Adeje receives samples of A+ compost from the ‘Circular Tourist Communities’ project

This fertilizer comes from the organic waste of the establishment and is made up of the remains of fruit, vegetables, greens, egg shells, coffee dregs and pruning.

The Gardening department of GF Gran Costa Adeje nourishes the garden areas of the establishment with the A+ compost sent by Serviagroc, the agroecological farm in Guía de Isora that receives organic waste made up of the remains of fruit, vegetables, greens, egg shells, coffee dregs and pruning.

This fertilizer is created thanks to the ‘Circular Tourist Communities’ project, promoted by Ashotel and Asaga-Asaja Canarias, which seeks to minimize food waste and facilitate the recycling of organic matter from the selective collection at source of these participating hotels and which values a more sustainable tourism.

The project seeks to take advantage of all the rich organic matter that is produced in the hotels, stop burying it in landfills and regenerate soils and farms for better agricultural production and local supply, which ultimately means generating a circular economy.

GF Gran Costa Adeje recibe muestras del compost A+ del proyecto ‘Comunidades Turísticas Circulares’
For the collection of this bio-waste, containers of different sizes have been acquired that allow a selection at source. In addition, specific training has previously been carried out for members of the kitchen and restaurant staff which allows them to carry out the correct separation of organic waste.

The ultimate goal of ‘Circular Tourist Communities’ is to give back to the land what the land gives us. The aim is to increase the consumption of local products in hotels, while working on the union of two very important sectors in the Canary Islands such as tourism and agriculture.