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Famous cocktails to enjoy this summer at GF Hotels

If we can boast of something at GF Hotels, it is exclusive spaces in our facilities where you can enjoy the best moments of your holiday. If you add to that your favourite drink, a stunning sunset and the best company, the moment becomes truly unforgettable. Therefore, our professional cocktail barmen are ready to surprise you with drinks that you cannot miss this summer. We have everything ready to make your stay completely refreshing with famous cocktails this summer. We invite you to try our cocktail menu at Zambra Sky Bar in GF Victoria, where you can touch the sky in an environment with amazing panoramic views, whilst enjoying the most daring flavours.


cócteles famosos estas vacaciones

MOJITO: the summer combination par excellence

Of Cuban origin, it is one of the simplest cocktails to prepare. The secret lies in the mint and the trick of our cocktail shakers to awaken its aroma. White rum, brown sugar, natural lime, crushed ice and a decorative touch are the ingredients that complete the recipe for one of the famous holiday cocktails. An ideal combination is obtained with sweet, acid and bitter notes, balance in its aroma and refreshing sensation.



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GIN-TONIC: the new king of the terraces

This is possibly the most famous cocktail in history. It has become the fashionable combination for its versatility to taste at any time of the day. In an iconic glass, with large flakes of ice and, of course, with the perfect proportion of gin compared to the tonic (from 4 to 7 centilitres of gin per 20 of tonic). It is certainly a perfect digestive after a pleasant dinner on any of our beautiful terraces.



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CAIPIRIÑA: the national cocktail of Brazil

Brazil boasts of having one of the most famous holiday cocktails in the world. Its preparation is similar to that of a Mojito, although it does not include mint, and rum is replaced by Cachaza, the popular drink in Brazil. To a glass “on the rocks”, we add a few quarters of lemon with sugar to later crush and mix it. Add ice, Cachaza and stir slightly. A delight, and the secret is to drink it with a straw.


cócteles famosos estas vacaciones


DAIQUIRI: authentic Cuban flavour

Next, to the Mojito, this is the star cocktail of Cuba and of summer. A traditional Daiquiri is made from white rum and lemon or lime juice. It is versatile and marries very well with a great variety of fruits. Its sweet and refreshing taste makes it a great option to enjoy whilst relaxing on a sun lounger or a Balinese bed in any one of our solariums.



cócteles famosos estas vacaciones


Bloody Mary: red is always in fashion

Choosing this option is to bet on a cascade of sweet, salty and acidic sensations. Its blood-red colour is revealing and refers to Queen Mary I of England who ordered cruel persecution against the Protestants in the 16th century. It is prepared by mixing vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, lemon and Worcestershire sauce. The most daring will also add a touch of tabasco. It is recommended not to skimp on the ice. This is a popular drink, historically one of the most famous cocktails of the summer.



We would like you to join us to try one of these 5 exquisite cocktails in Zambra Skybar. Experience the best flavours on a luxurious and modern terrace for adults only. Also, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy our glass pool. A unique way to combine the best music and cocktails with a sunset on Costa Adeje.

Finally, whilst it is important to know which are the most famous cocktails of the summer, it is also essential to get to know the professionalism of the GF Hotels cocktail team. The chain has had a commitment to cocktails for many years and is synonymous with quality and distinction. A clear example is David Arrebola, head of bars at the GF Gran Costa Adeje hotel and President of the Tenerife Association of Barmen.

In addition, we have Emilio Rodríguez, recently awarded the trophy for Young Barman and Dexterity in the XIII Costa Adeje cocktail bar contest. Without a doubt, two masters of the profession.

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