The Housekeeping department of GF Hoteles incorporates the new generation of Trend Robotics motorized trolleys

  • TR Carbot is designed to avoid muscle load and improve the daily work of cleaning staff
  • Its system allows for ease of movement of the traditional trolley in any direction, adapting perfectly to all types of surfaces
  • GF Isabel is the first hotel in the hotel chain to include 14 new robotic cleaning trolleys, designed by the Canarian company Trend Robotics

GF Hoteles incorporates TR Carbot Exter, the new generation of robotic trolleys, designed and adapted for the outdoor areas of GF Isabel hotel. This system, created by the Canarian company Trend Robotics, avoids the muscular load generated by the handling of conventional cleaning trolleys in the Housekeeping department.

GF Isabel hotel is the first hotel in the chain to include 14 new motorized cleaning trolleys. Pilar García, director of Human Resources of GF Hoteles, highlights this great commitment “to facilitate the day-to-day of cleaning staff to reduce the force applied in the movement of trolleys and to increase the satisfaction and well-being of our human team. “

In the words of Javier Lamas, founder of Trend Robotics, “Carbot was designed and developed for outdoor use in GF Isabel due to the characteristics of its villas.” With an engine that has an autonomy of more than 8 hours and a load capacity of 160 kg, “it allows silent mobility and prevents the physical effort of the worker,” he adds.

GF Hoteles and Trend Robotics have managed to adapt the design of this tool to the irregular floor which GF Isabel hotel has over a large part of its surface. “A satisfactory experience in the Housekeeping department that, in view of the good results, will be extended to the rest of the hotel establishments in the chain,” says Pilar García.

Carbot is a pioneering project in the world of applying the latest technology to a traditional profession. The revolution of this robotic trolley focuses on mobility, with the incorporation of two-way wheels that allows the traditional trolley to be moved with ease in any direction, adapting perfectly to all types of surfaces.

Trend Robotics is a company based in Tenerife dedicated to the creation, programming, manufacturing and marketing of socially-collaborative service products.