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Viewing points of Tenerife with breathtaking views

We would like to tell you about some of the viewing points in Tenerife with Breathtaking Views.

Tenerife is distinguished by its beautiful natural landscapes, beaches, mountains, its perfect climate, and so much more. There are thousands of tourists who visit the island year after year, seeking to arouse all the senses, and sight is one of them.

The landscapes here are beautiful by themselves, but seeing them together, and from a panoramic perspective, is simply astonishing. Just have a look:

Chirche – Guide of Isora:

In the south of the island this lookout offers a panoramic view which merges both nature and civilization. This combination reflects the most beautiful views of the village with its typical houses, the green of the countryside, and the horizon of the ocean against the sky.

San Pedro – Los Realejos:

The north of Tenerife is characterized, among other things, by abundant foliage and as a place where nature is magnified. From the viewing point of San Pedro you can see the imaginary line where green fields and the ocean meet. Be stunned by the imposing ravines and the typical houses of this area.

The Esperanza route:

Once again, the north of the island surprises us with its amazing views. The sea of cloud that surrounds Mount Teide makes for an impressive and relaxing experience.

Archipenque – Los Gigantes:

This viewing point is located  in one of the most privileged areas of south Tenerife. It offers visual access to the famous cliffs that dominate the landscape between the sky above, and the waves that crash against the rocks below. The views, the smell of the sea, and the sounds of the water and the wind, are the perfect combination for a moment of relaxation.

Cañadas del Teide and surroundings:

Not in vain is this considered the King of the archipelago and one of the most imposing mountains in all of Spain. The National Park of Teide has a panoramic cable car, as well as several viewing points and places from which you can enjoy a true visual spectacle, both day and night, with the amazing colours, stars and the Milky Way. A must-see tour!