Do you know that the sea level in the Canary Islands rises 0.3 millimetres every year?

The rise in temperature causes melting at the poles which, in turn, causes the level of the seas and oceans to rise. Island territories are those most affected by these events, hence, in the Canary Islands, there is a special sensitivity to this problem.

GF Hoteles, as a hotel chain associated with the United Nations Global Pact for Sustainability, would like to highlight today in particular, the celebration of International Mother Earth Day and the environmental problems which result from human actions.

This year, the United Nations campaign is titled ‘Environmental and Climate Literacy’. Our commitment to sustainability encompasses the active involvement of our staff in the ideal of preserving our environment; but more than this, we want to pass on this motivation to the rest of the world, our suppliers, our collaborators, and above all, our customers.

GF Hotels, efficient management

One of our most recent commitments in the reduction of natural resources has been the incorporation of a laundry in one of our hotels, the Gran Costa Adeje. The new installation has reduced water consumption from 22 to 6 litres per kg of clothing. In round numbers this represents a saving of 35,000 cubic metres of water per year.

It is in our hands to spread a message of awareness and responsibility that shows the respect that all human beings owe to Mother Earth. Our home.