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The planet calls for action, GF Hoteles responds

Every 10 seconds a living species on this planet disappears and the equivalent of 5 football fields in forests are lost.

It´s a devastating fact of a global and planetary reality, but it will only improve with the cooperation of responsible people, institutions and companies. We make this appeal for environmental awareness through strategic decision making.

For some, we at GF Hoteles, have felt part of the responsibility for this deterioration of our planet. Because of this, we have taken actions which we hope will contribute towards a change for the better.

Costa Adeje Gran Hotel

The most visible result of this action can be seen in the recognition of one of our hotels, the COSTA ADEJE Gran Hotel, as one of the ten most sustainable hotels in Spain.

It is clear, that investments in the chain in recent years, in various different areas, has provided significant results.

  • More than 75% of energy consumption is renewable,
  • 70% reduction of our carbon footprint,
  • Canarian innovation in large private investments of solar panels,
  • The generation of an environmental culture in our employees and guests.

GF Hoteles, via web offers a platform showing all the environmental actions that we have been developing over the past years.

People as agents of change

People working in our hotel complexes have taken a step forward in the promotion and fulfilment of a manual of good practices. The attitude of the employees as protagonists of change has helped reduce more than 16 tons of paper consumed in the past 5 years.

In the future, we will continue to follow this path as part of our core values. Our new hotel, Victoria Suite Hotel, is a good example and is being constructed with an excellent management of resources as we work everyday towards sustainable tourism.

GF Hoteles