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Pairing: Harmonious combination of two elements.

An exquisite science thought for the palat, Wine Pairing.

As we are currently in the grape-harvesting season, we would like to offer our readers a glimpse into the world of Wine Pairing. Nowadays, we all know more or less what this means and, in general, we all love the delightful union between wine and a menu or a favourite dish. Wine plays a major role in the menu and completes the dining experience and, for this reason, more and more people are interested in this trend.

Here we offer some recommendations for food-lovers as well as for those who wish to immerse themselves in this world of wine and gastronomy in order to better appreciate fine cuisine.When choosing a wine for our meal, we often select one that we like, and do not think about a wine that will enhance or complement the taste of our menu.

Although there are no strict rules for Wine Pairing, here we offer some suggestions.

  • Respect the order of service, start with the lightest, followed by those with more body; the same as with menus which are arranged according to the intensity of the dishes.
  • Seek a balance between the flavours of the dish and the wine; they should enhance each other and neither should dominate. What we do not want, in the end, is to be unable to appreciate the full mix of flavours.
  • You can choose to pair by association or by contrast. When you choose by association, you wish to find aromas and tastes that complement the dish, such as a dry white with seafood. When you choose a contrast, you are looking for a new taste experience, for example, to serve a chocolate dessert with a full-bodied red wine.
  • Finally, the simplest recommendation: pair your meal or menu with a wine you would drink on it’s own.
Chocolate y vinos con cuerpo
Dark Chocolate and Red Wine an exciting pairing

In this case, it is easy to buy the wine of your choice at your usual supermarket or speciality shop because there is time and a wide selection to choose from. But what if you are dining out?  In this scenario we recommend that you be guided by the Maître or Sommelier.

They will surely be able to advise the perfect pairing, as they are closely acquainted with the flavours of the menu as well as the wine. This is the case with Don Carmelo, the Maître from our Restaurant La Laja, who has since its opening, recommended the best wines from our cellar.

Don´t miss the opportunity to turn your lunch or dinner into an experience; for this, don´t hesitate to consult any of our Maîtres in our buffet restaurants – La Finca in Costa Adeje Gran Hotel, La Palapa in the Isabel Hotel and the buffet restaurant in Fañabe Costa Sur Hotel.

Déjate recomendar por nuestro maître.
Fusion cuisine, our Maître is pleased to recommend you the best Wine Pairing

Did you know that in Tenerife there are 5 of the 10  “Denominaciones de Origin” (D.O.) from the Canary Islands?

So can choose a good wine which is also from our island and thus give a Canarian touch to your meals.

Tacoronte – Acentejo: where you will find wine bodegas such as El Monje, with its exclusive line “Monje Autor” or bodegas Presas Ocampo with it´s original “submerged wine” .

Ycoden -Daute – Isora: are areas known for their fruity white and rosé wines, from bodegas such as Viñátigo and Zanata.

Valle de Güimar:  its straw-coloured white wine represents 80% of the white wine production of the island. Among its bodegas is Brumas de Ayosa  with an exquisite sparkling wine.

Abona: an area covering several municipalities in the south of Tenerife and featuring bodegas such as Cumbres de Abona, represented by wines such as Chasna flower with its mono-red variety or Cumbres de Abona.

Orotava Valley: an area stretching from the foot of Mount Teide to the Atlantic Ocean. Bodegas El Penitente, with its sweet Aruatava or Suertes del Marqués with exclusive limited productions.

We hope this guide will help you to fully enjoy a great table, whether at home or when dining out.

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Vendimia, vinos y Martidaje
Tenerife Wine