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  • GF Isabel receives its first guests after 100 days of closure

GF Isabel receives its first guests after 100 days of closure

It is the first GF Hotels establishment to open its doors

The hotel chain applies the protocols for hygienic-sanitary measures to guarantee the safety of customers, suppliers and employees

After 100 days of closure, the doors of the GF Isabel hotel have reopened to receive the first guests. A family from Madrid was the protagonist of the emotional reception, in which Victoria López, president of Grupo Fedola, together with the hotel staff and its director, Cristóbal Marrero, welcomed them with applause.

Victoria López could not hide her joy after “much pain” caused by the forced closure of the hotel by the zero tourist policy. “Throughout these months, we have done nothing but imagine what the reopening day would be like,” said the president of Fedola, who acknowledged that “some tears have been shed, because we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now we can only try to do it well. “

“We came for the first time to the Island, with the intention of taking a rest for 12 days and for the children to enjoy themselves,” said the guest as soon as he stepped inside the GF Isabel reception. “It was a spectacular reception, we have been very surprised, both my family and I, that everyone has been so nice to us.”

GF Isabel opens its doors with sanitary inspection certifications responding to its compliance with the demanding safety, hygiene and disinfection protocols at its facilities.