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GF Hoteles jornada de puertas abiertas de empleo, Open Employment Day
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  • GF Hoteles celebrates its first Open Employment Day with over 150 participants

GF Hoteles celebrates its first Open Employment Day with over 150 participants

Under the slogan ‘Seeking Your Talent,’ the hotel chain of Grupo Fedola connected with new professionals possessing both basic and specialized profiles

In a gathering that involved over 150 candidates, GF Hoteles held its first Open Employment Day under the slogan ‘Seeking Your Talent.’ The event, aimed at sharing the advantages and values that distinguish the Grupo Fedola hotel chain, became a platform connecting professionals with both basic and specialized profiles in areas such as bars, restaurants, housekeeping, kitchen, reception, and technical service.

The event provided a hands-on experience for attendees, commencing with recruitment interviews for potential positions within the GF Hoteles team. Additionally, a three-hour training session conducted by expert trainers was offered, aimed at profiles aligned with the Bars and Restaurants departments. This training concluded with the issuance of a certification endorsed by the hotel chain and the Bartenders Association of Tenerife.

Pilar García, Director of HR-Talent Management at GF Hoteles, highlighted that this initiative represents a step forward for the chain in addressing sector needs during a challenging and transforming period in the job market. “We acknowledge the difficulties in finding suitable profiles in hiring, but instead of resigning ourselves, we are taking a step forward through these events. It gives us the opportunity to discover new professionals while simultaneously imparting our corporate culture to them.”

This event, more than just a talent search, positions itself as a significant step in GF Hoteles’ strategy to address the changing needs of the sector. The company reaffirms its commitment to transparency and corporate culture, emphasizing the advantages of being part of its team from the moment candidates enter its facilities.