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GF Hoteles se suma a 'Tenerife Renace' Tenerife Reborn
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  • GF Hoteles joins ‘Tenerife Reborn’ with a donation from the ‘Green Friday’ campaign

GF Hoteles joins ‘Tenerife Reborn’ with a donation from the ‘Green Friday’ campaign

The Fedola Group hotel chain joins other Canary Islands institutions that participate in the reforestation of the areas affected by the Tenerife fire

GF Hoteles joins the ‘Green Friday’ campaign by allocating 5% of its sales to the Foresta Foundation. This act of solidarity translates into a donation of over 11,200 euros for the Tenerife Reborn project, an initiative dedicated to restoring the mountains affected by the recent fire on the island. From November 24th to 27th, customers who chose to make their reservations through the GF Hoteles website contributed to the project, reflecting their generosity and environmental awareness.

During the donation handover to the Foresta Foundation, GF Hoteles’ Operations Director, Juan Carlos de León, highlighted the success of this campaign, stating, “We are thrilled by the positive impact of the initiative because it’s a great example of social and environmental sustainability, backed by the real support of our guests, who are also aware of the importance of preserving Tenerife’s natural resources.” De León emphasized that this donation demonstrates the tourism industry’s focus on the society in which it operates and thrives.

Alicia Rodríguez, General Director of the Foresta Foundation, received the donation and emphasized the significance of the involvement of a Canarian hotel chain that supports Tenerife Reborn. “Seeds like those planted today by GF Hoteles can encourage other companies on the islands to collaborate with a project that is serious, audited, and will allow for the reforestation of the burnt mountains in the coming years,” she added.

The collaboration between GF Hoteles and the Foresta Foundation underscores the hotel chain’s commitment to the environment. This action not only contributes economically to the reforestation of Tenerife but also highlights the importance of environmental responsibility in the tourism industry.

The ‘Green Friday’ initiative is part of an international movement that engages companies and consumers committed to promoting responsible consumption patterns as a pathway to global sustainability. This action reinforces GF Hoteles’ position in its commitment to corporate social responsibility.