GF Hoteles & Ataretaco united in a recycling workshop at the Mini Club of GF Isabel

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In GF Hoteles we consider environmental management as a transversal main point of our business model.

“Children are the future and in them, we must spread the germs of responsibility, care for our environment and love for our planet”.

GF Hoteles & Ataretaco meet at GF Isabel to encourage the participation of guests in an initiative that promotes responsible tourism.

But the purpose of GF Hotels with this workshop goes beyond involving guest participation. The real objective is evident when working with children since they are the key to changing the perception that society has on the care of the environment and in them the seed of consciousness is implanted.

Ataretaco, an independent, non-profit Canary foundation that promotes the care of the environment, has gone to the family hotel to collaborate with the hotel chain of Grupo Fedola in pursuit of a recycling workshop with children staying at the hotel.

The Mini Club of GF Isabel was the chosen location to carry out the successful workshop. It had a lot of acceptance by children and parents, who appreciated this initiative.

One of the mothers, of Belgian origin, commented that in her country the separation of waste is common and that agreed that this should be promoted in the rest of countries.

Another opinion came from a Spanish father, who commented that it is “a great initiative because what better to teach them since they were little”.

Natalia Gómez, assistant manager of GF Isabel, also made her contribution commenting that “children are the future and in them, we must spread the germs of responsibility, care for our environment and love for our planet”.

She defends that GF Isabel is the family hotel of the chain par excellence and this makes it the perfect location because children predominate. “Who better than them to instill us the way of thinking and the actions that we must consider and carry out to protect our environment?”, the deputy director commented.

Margarita Cabrera, the representative of Ataretaco Foundation, recognized that awareness regarding separation of waste was well established in children because they already came with knowledge.

On your part, the technical director of GF Hoteles, Moisés Expósito, has indicated that in all hotels of the chain, “we consider environmental management as a transversal main point of our business model and environmental care as essential for tourism may continue to exist”.

This recreational activity serves as a contribution to spreading the necessary changes in younger generations, also involving tourists. It is an action that adds to the many that has GF Hoteles, around encouraging responsible tourism, improving our consumption habits.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/wlRTAs_Ea_w” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]