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Tricks for make your flight more pleasant

We know that the trip that separates you from of your delightful holidays in Tenerife can be very tired. So, we give you some tips that can make your flight a little more bearable.

1 Be patient and flexible. Do not despair!

Remember that, after all, you are going on holidays, but there are a lot of people that make the same activity. The healthier attitude is being flexible and keeping the calm. Perhaps plans do not arise such you had expected, you must to be patient for the possibility of crowds in bus, boarding waiting time, control of the security, put your suitcase in overhead compartments, your baggage is factored and a large etcetera that requires you never lost your smile and eagerness to enjoy your holidays.

2 Book a good seat.


Some airlines allow you to select your seat in advance and others at the check-in desk. There are many passengers who have certain preferences where to sit and, in general, they choose a window or corridor, trying to avoid the seat of the middle. Therefore, perhaps anticipating this controversy, you can have a more pleasant flight. Without a doubt, there is also a bonus, getting to sit in one of the comfortable seats in the emergency exits, maybe it is worthwhile paying that extra payment!

3 Get on the plane well prepared

We recommend you take a good book! Many times, during our day by day, it is not possible to take us a break and enjoy a pleasant reading. During your trip, you will have a few hours ahead and a pleasant way to make time go faster is with a book. Another aspect that can facilitate your comfort during the flight is a travel pillow, there are many types, some even have massage option for your cervical and, in general, usually take up very little space in your hand luggage. You can also request one to your flight attendant, but usually, they have a small number and sometimes they end up very fast.

4 Try not to stay in your place during the flight

It is advisable to you do not stay seated the whole time during your flight. Many times, exposing ourselves to a long period without stretching our legs we can notice a certain numbness that we can avoid by stretching our legs a little in the corridor. Walking also helps to stretch the back and a possible back pain. You can also work your muscles while you are sitting, try to lift the tip of your feet or gently massage your twins occasionally.

5 Make new friends

Flights are perfect to meet new people. Think that each person has their own history and experiences. Maybe it is a local person who can recommend you some unique places to visit in Tenerife or make good friends with that person and can meet during the holidays. Who knows! Perhaps, you can even find the love of your life many miles high. Try to have a pleasant conversation with someone who feels close to you and you will feel that time travels faster.

In short, there are some tricks that can make your flight more enjoyable, but if on the contrary, it has been an exhausting experience, do not worry! At GF Hoteles we are determined to take care of you and make your holidays a unique and unrepeatable experience.