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The cocktails you cannot miss this summer

The mixologists of our GF Hoteles Family are ready to surprise you with drinks you cannot miss this summer. We have prepared everything to make your stay completely refreshing.

Gin&Tonic: The classic – in vogue

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Without doubt, we can say that Gin & Tonic is the best-known cocktail in history. This well-loved creation is the tasteful result of combining gin with tonic. It is the perfect digestive to take, after a wonderful dinner, on one of our beautiful terraces. Nevertheless, Gin & Tonic is a cocktail that offers a wide range of variations, since everything counts! From the glass we choose, the way we cool it, to the amount of alcohol, the aromatic spices, the type of tonic, etc. In fact, we can find variations even in the fruit or vegetable that accompanies it since some gins combine very well with lemon or strawberries and others with slices of cucumber.

Mojito: The classic that doesn´t go out of style

mojito gf hoteles cocteles 206x300 1Just by mixing rum, brown sugar, soda, lime and mint, our GF experts behind the bar can prepare one of the most well-known and acclaimed summer cocktails. This classic can turn the hottest day of summer into a particularly refreshing one. And if you are seeking innovation, the mojito has managed to reinvent itself, and now comes with diverse, fruity flavours that fit in perfectly.




Cosmopolitan: The glamour by excellence

cosmopolitan gf hoteles cocteles 300x225 1The Cosmopolitan consists of Vodka, Cointreau (triple dry), cranberry juice and lime juice. It is therefore a combination with certain similarities to the Margarita or even a variation of the Martini. This cocktail has earned its reputation as a sophisticated and fruity drink, ideal to take on a terrace at sunset or at the side of a pool.




Whisky with Ginger Ale: The new King of Cocktails

whisky giger ale gf hoteles cocteles 218x300 1This new combination has come storming to all the fashionable terraces and, of course, also to the GF Hoteles bar. Whiskey with Ginger Ale also has its very own process. From the way the glass is cooled, preferably with a tall stem and broad cup, to the way it is cooled with ice, the amount of scotch, the aroma and flavour of lime and mint, accompanied by the subtle mixture of ginger (ginger ale). This exquisite mixture seeks to conquer the palate of those who are not satisfied with just any combination.




Our mixologists

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It´s not just important to know the most refreshing flavours of this summer, but also to let yourself be conquered by the exquisite hand of the GF Hoteles team of barmen.

The Group’s interest in Mixology over many years, is synonymous with quality and distinction.

A clear example is Emilio Rodríguez, who has recently won several prizes at the XIII Costa Adeje Cocktail Contest, celebrated in the installations of hotel GF Gran Costa Adeje*****. This young man, with a future in Mixology, is known as the “Star Mixologist” for his recent successes in a multitude of competitions. Now, he is developing his professional skills in our hotel GF Victoria***** GL. You can read a complete interview on our blog, which we recently published.

Don’t hesitate! GF Hoteles has the key to make your summer deliciously unrepeatable.