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The best treatments to get recovered from Christmas

It is common during the holidays to produce some excesses that can have consequences on the body and mind. At the beginning of the year, almost everyone makes improvement plans and we consider different ways to get back on the healthy path. Therefore, we propose a series of tips and professional treatments to recover the balance of our body after these holidays.


According to our experts, the best way to achieve this balance is to return as soon as possible to the good habits and healthy lifestyle we have parked during this period.

Getting started after almost a month of excess is not easy, but doing it depends on ourselves. As a starting point we can follow a series of basic rules:

  • Going back to a varied and balanced diet contributes to a healthy diet and, therefore, to a healthy life. In addition, our body is composed mostly of water, so it is advisable to continually replenish these reserves to be adequately hydrated.
  • Do not neglect the recommended sleep hours. Having the body and mind rested makes our level of concentration increase, we will also be in a better mood and fatigue will not interfere with our routine. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day to perform better during the next day.
  • Take back or start an exercise routine. It is not necessary to go to the gym, we can go for a daily walk, go up and down stairs or start constantly in a sport will help you meet your goals and find yourself better physically.

It is possible to return to our healthy routine, and with these tips it will be easier for you. Although you can also put in the hands of our professionals and let yourself be pampered with therapies and special treatments to rest from all the hustle and recover the silhouette and luminosity of the skin after the Christmas ravages.



If you are looking for relaxation after so much excitement, in our Wellness areas of any of our hotels in the south of Tenerife, you can choose between the best options for disconnection. We have spa circuits where you can relax in the jacuzzi, with the foot bath, in the sauna or in the Turkish bath. To contrast the temperatures and improve your circulation you can refresh yourself with the bucket of ice water or in the cold water well, although this option is only for the bravest.

Find your moment of calm and relaxation with any of our body massages. Choose from a multitude of bio-massages: aromatic, decontracting or circulatory. Choose the one you need to release tension, improve the immune system, generate endorphins or simply relax.

If what you want is to look better and healthier, GF Victoria is your place. We have the most complete rituals and facial massages. Let yourself be advised by our specialists and ask for the Bio-Facial massages or rituals of marine and anti-aging beauty to recover the luminosity of the skin and counteract the wear produced by the bustle of this last month. In addition, in the highest area of ​​the hotel you will find the Air Bio-Spa, an exclusive area where you can relax lying on the Balinese beds overlooking the sea or receiving a refreshing massage at sunset.

If you are looking to download adrenaline to return to the rhythm before the holidays, put yourself in the hands of one of our personal trainers. Practice meditation, yoga, pilates or Chi-kung in an ideal environment in our Japanese Garden of GF Victoria.