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These are activities at Mount Teide that you should not miss

Tenerife is a paradise in every way, and is the perfect destination to spend a wonderful holiday. In case you don´t know, there are many activities to be found in Mount Teide National Park that you should not miss if you visit this fantastic island.

The King of the whole Canarian archipelago, without doubt, is Mount Teide. It is located in the National Park that bears its name, where every perspective of its landscape offers a surprise, from the smallest rock, to the highest peak.

There are many reasons why people visit the lands of the great volcano; it is definitely a great place for all kinds of excursions. Admire stunning natural landscapes with incredible views, and don´t forget to take some photographs to keep your memories safe.

At Mirador de La Rambleta (viewing point) you can see the Seven Canyons and the Ucanca Valley. This area is famous, as various international movies have been filmed here.

You will also enjoy the views of the Roques de García, Roque Chinchado and Los Azulejos. This last mountain draws special attention for its unique green azure colour. This characteristic colour is due to the chemical composition of its rocks.

You can see at first hand the result of the most recent volcanic eruptions, and you will learn how our Canary Islands were formed. Knowing the history and details of the geological evolution of the islands is very interesting.

For hiking enthusiasts, there are several paths that can be walked to reach the top of the Cable Car. From this elevated position, you can observe the most impressive panorama of the national park, and a privileged 360º view of the whole island.

The Sky seen from Mount Teide is magical at any time and from any perspective. See the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the dances of shooting stars at night, the colours and lights of the constellations in the clear skies …  You mustn´t miss it!

If you want to see the sky even more clearly, and hear some interesting scientific data, you can go to the Observatory of Teide, which is the largest solar observatory in the world. It is located at an altitude of 2,390 metres in, what is said to be, one of the three best places on the planet to observe the sky: The Canaries!

A day trip to Teide is the perfect way to enjoy time as a couple, or share with friends or family. But, above all, it is a different kind of excursion that will let you live incredible experiences, with activities that you should not miss for the world.