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  • The laundry of GF Hotels, an example of energy efficiency

The laundry of GF Hotels, an example of energy efficiency

  • It is one of the actions implemented in relation to the Strategic Sustainability Plan of the chain
  • In 2012, 21 litres of water were required for each kilo of clothes and, with this installation, consumption has been reduced by more than 50%
  • With the water that has been saved, a population such as that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife could be supplied with water for a whole day.

The laundry of GF Hotels is an example of energy efficiency that provides service to the four hotels of the chain in Costa Adeje. This installation was built in 2015 and involved an investment which exceeded 2 million euros.

For GF Hotels, this project meant a change of mentality, managing resources with better environmental results, but also economic ones. Juan Carlos de León, Director of Operations of the chain, highlights the three main objectives of this installation: “economic profitability, energy efficiency and comfort above what is established by law for our laundry personnel.”

The process of choosing machinery was one of the most complex phases of this project, where the determining factor was to choose the best option for energy efficiency. Before implementing this installation, the chain needed 21 litres of water per kilo of clothes and, currently, this consumption has been reduced by more than 50%, achieving 9.4 litres per kilo of clothes. “To give an example, with the water we have saved, we could supply a population like Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a whole day,” emphasizes Moisés Expósito, Sustainability Coordinator of GF Hotels.

In 2012, the laundry provided service to the GF Gran Costa Adeje and GF Isabel hotels. During that year, 1,724,300 kilos of clothes were washed with a consumption of 36 million litres of water. However, in 2018 the laundry served the four hotels of the chain in Costa Adeje and washed 2.5 million clothes with an expenditure of 23 million litres of water.


In addition, for clothes of professional use, the laundry detergents used meet the criteria of an ISO type I eco-label (eg the EU eco-label, Nordic Swan).

This service has a direct benefit in society and is integrated into the chain’s environmental commitment. “We understand that there is no future that is detached from sustainability and, furthermore, our guests are demanding it from us and we want to move forward and show that all the actions carried out by GF Hotels have a responsibility linked to the way we work”, concludes Juan Carlos De León