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  • The Environmental Complex of Tenerife, a visit to uncover consciences

The Environmental Complex of Tenerife, a visit to uncover consciences

  • The first group of visitors took a tour of this facility where they observed, in situ, the process through which the waste passes
  • The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of correct waste management as well as good environmental practices

 The Tenerife Environmental Complex (PIRS) opens its doors to the staff of GF Hotels to learn first-hand the process of separation and recovery of waste generated on the island. It is an initiative which adds to the effort to promote the active involvement of colleagues in the process of waste management.

The first day brought together 50 employees who observed the process through which the waste passes once it has been deposited in the different containers, learning in this way the importance of correct recycling in safeguarding the future of our planet.

Moisés Expósito, Sustainability Coordinator of GF Hotels, and organizer of this initiative, defines sustainability as “a long-distance race where the most important thing is not to be the first, but to maintain a constant rhythm”; to which he adds that the best way of raising environmental awareness “is to bring reality closer to the people”.

During the guided tour, there was a visit to: the Packaging Classification Plant, where plastic containers are separated and classified; the All-One Classification Plant, where paper, cardboard, glass and containers from the remaining fraction containers are recovered; the bio-stabilization plant where compost is obtained  from the organic waste; and, finally, Ewaste, the first waste treatment plant for electrical and electronic equipment in the Canary Islands.

The hotel chain, owned by Grupo Fedola, continues its commitment to promote environmental awareness through actions such as this, where the importance of managing waste according to its type is emphasized.