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The best places to snorkel in Tenerife

As you may have guessed, Tenerife is a great place to snorkel. Whether you want to learn this sport or if it’s your first time here, snorkeling in Tenerife can be the perfect adventure to add to your list of ‘things to do on this holiday‘.

Snorkeling Tenerife

For those who don’t know it, snorkeling is a type of diving on the surface of the water. It is usually practiced with goggles, a breathing tube, and flippers. There are different shapes and styles, even masks, but they all have in common that they allow you to see the seabed clearly. It is the prelude to diving in Tenerife, but it is a great way to get to know the seabed of the island. Tenerife is not only a beautiful island on its surface; if you decide to dive, you will discover a huge variety of species that you have never seen before. In addition, for those who practice snorkeling and diving, our island is one of the favorite places for many fans of these sports.

Snorkelling Costa Adeje

In Tenerife, you can snorkel all year round. Our eternal spring-like weather makes both the climate and the water temperature ideal at any time. Snorkeling in Costa Adeje allows you to see many different species and a colorful seabed. You can see turtles, sea slugs, octopus, marine sponges…  A great way to practice this sport in Costa Adeje is by boat from Puerto Colón. In this way, you will discover the hidden wonders of the high seas in the Canary Islands.

El PalMar

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In the town of El Palmar, also in the southern area of Tenerife, you will find a population of green turtles. So, if you would like to swim among turtles, this could be the perfect place for you to snorkel in Tenerife. However, at GF Hotels, due to our daily commitment to exercise responsible business activity and to safeguard the environment in which we live, we would like to remind you that these turtles are wild animals and you are not allowed to touch them. But don’t worry! We promise that the simple fact of swimming with them will be an unforgettable experience.

Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain)

To practice snorkeling in Tenerife, you cannot fail to visit Montaña Amarilla in Costa del Silencio. This place is named after a beautiful coastal rock formation created by yellow volcanic ash that has gradually been sculpting the erosion. It is an underwater lunar landscape of volcanic reefs on which you can observe arches and caves. In addition, on this beach, you will find Mana Nui, a kiosk with a great atmosphere and music to accompany an enjoyable snack on your day of marine adventure.

 Cliff of Los Gigantes


For many fans, in Los Gigantes you will find the best seabed for snorkeling in Tenerife, with incredible views of this majestic cliff that reaches 600 meters high. As a complementary activity, many people choose to practice kayaking as a way to head out to sea and then submerge and dive along the coast. In this area, the sighting of cetaceans is also common.

We hope that these places to practice snorkeling in Tenerife have awakened your curiosity! Remember, if you need help to organize your excursion or you want some extra recommendations, the GF Hotels team is always at your disposal. Our main goal is to make your holiday as memorable as possible.