Donaire, Mejor Restaurante de Canarias

The ‘Qué Bueno Canarias’ Awards have highlighted Donaire as the ‘Best Restaurant in the Canary Islands 2023’ for offering creative cuisine with a local essence led by Jesús Camacho The restaurant, located in the GF Victoria hotel, has become a reference for lovers of haute cuisine in the Canary Islands. The Donaire Restaurant, located in … Read more

Jesús Camacho en Madrid Fusión

The chef of Donaire Restaurant presented different culinary creations at the Tourism of Tenerife and Binter stands Donaire Restaurant was part of Madrid Fusion thanks to its chef, Jesús Camacho. During his time at this gastronomic event, he participated in the stands of Tenerife Tourism and that of the Binter airline, where he shared his … Read more

Jesús Camacho, primer chef español destacado en el calendario mundial Cercle de Valrhona

The chef of Donaire Restaurant stands out among the 12 pastry chefs of 2023 with his creation ‘Doré’ Valrhona, the world-renowned chocolate brand, has announced that Jesús Camacho, chef of Donaire Restaurant, has been chosen as the pastry chef for the month of December in the prestigious Cercle V 2023 calendar organized by the luxury … Read more