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Jesús Camacho, primer chef español destacado en el calendario mundial Cercle de Valrhona
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  • Jesús Camacho, first Spanish chef featured on the Cercle V. world calendar by Valrhona

Jesús Camacho, first Spanish chef featured on the Cercle V. world calendar by Valrhona

The chef of Donaire Restaurant stands out among the 12 pastry chefs of 2023 with his creation ‘Doré’

Valrhona, the world-renowned chocolate brand, has announced that Jesús Camacho, chef of Donaire Restaurant, has been chosen as the pastry chef for the month of December in the prestigious Cercle V 2023 calendar organized by the luxury chocolate house.

Valrhona launched a challenge to pastry chefs around the world, inviting them to send the most representative creations made with its products, thus reflecting their unique style. Among thousands of participants, only 12 pastry chefs were selected to stand out in each month, with Jesús Camacho being the representative for December and the culmination of the year.

The Donaire chef was very fortunate to be the only representative from Spain included in the calendar: “It is an honour to be part of a group of creators who in this publication present pastry proposals of great richness and excellence.” In this Cercle calendar, Varhona highlights the skill and creativity of the chef brilliantly using the quality of the products in the preparation of the dessert.

Doré, Jesús Camacho, Donaire

‘Doré’, the perfect choice for this Christmas

The published proposal is titled ‘Doré’. Under that name, a dessert is discovered that has a 55% dark chocolate base called Caranoa de Valrhona, combined with Canary Island banana, rhubarb and a mixture of 5 Chinese spices. As a final touch, the dessert is crowned with a thin leaf of Valrhona’s 70% Guanaja dark chocolate, painted in gold. A perfect combination of flavour and elegance on the plate that makes it the perfect choice for the Christmas season.

Jesús Camacho, the current chef at Donaire, began his professional career as a pastry chef, managing to position himself as one of the best pastry chefs both in the Canary Islands and nationally. At the beginning of this year he assumed responsibility as the restaurant’s top culinary manager and has renowned training both inside and outside the Canary Islands.