Scandal Dinner Show returns to south Tenerife

With this proposal, the salon ‘Las Olas’ of hotel GF Victoria becomes a reference point for nightlife on the island

The show is an explosion of sensations with live commentary, music, acrobatics, dance and much humour

Scandal Dinner Show returns to GF Victoria’s ‘Las Olas’ salon, offering a special night of sensuality, daring, power and laughter, to become an exciting and seductive evening. A dinner and entertainment proposal forming a relevant part of the nightlife offer in the south of Tenerife. It returns after 19 months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The two-hour show is an explosion of sensations with live commentary, music, acrobatics, dance, and much humour. Scandal Dinner Show is designed to awaken the senses in the adult audience by combining an evening full of innuendo with an excellent gastronomic proposal.

It is an experience created to showcase the combination of erotic choreography with elegance thanks to the careful staging of the artists with creative lighting and music. The burlesque tone is provided by Dita Dubois, a funny, provocative, and sensual master of ceremonies.

This show began its journey just before the pandemic hit and became one of the most highly rated nightlife entertainment and leisure proposals. Speaking of this, the president of Grupo Fedola, Victoria López, affirms that the show comes back to the ‘Las Olas’ salon of GF Victoria to stay for a long time because “the island’s nightlife is in need of proposals such as Scandal, a dinner show that brings together all the ingredients necessary to consolidate it as a reference point in Tenerife.