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Nativity Scenes in Tenerife: The most beautiful route to follow at Christmas

The Christmas season in the Canary Islands is very special, above all because many traditions are remembered. One of the most beautiful is that of the nativity scenes in Tenerife during December and January. Families and especially the youngest ones can enjoy these authentic artistic expressions.

One of the most rewarding experiences during Christmas in Tenerife is to visit the different municipalities to admire the exhibition of their nativity scenes. In each one, the artist makes a unique composition to share their individual perspective of such an important biblical scene.

The characters included in the models are dressed in typical Canarian costumes, recreating miniature landscapes, small towns, houses and carrying out the different activities associated with each place.

Another way to commemorate the birth of Jesus is via the living nativity sceneswhich some municipalities and neighbours organize in the streets of the busiest towns. They are a true artistic and theatrical representation of such a great event, capable of touching the sensitive fibre of both believers and non-believers.

For both travellers and residents, visiting the nativity scenes is a unique and very enjoyable activity. It is part of the most deeply rooted traditions of the archipelago and it is a very nice way to experience Christmas. In Tenerife, the most outstanding ones are:

Living nativity of Tigaiga

During December, it forms part of the most emblematic tourist attractions of the Municipality of Los Realejos, north Tenerife. It is a tradition that, for the past two decades, has been presented in the streets and square of the town.

Nativity scene of La Orotava

As indicated by its name, the nativity scene of La Orotava is one of the most important representations that this City Council organizes during the Christmas season and it can be found in the main square. It stands out as one of the largest nativity scenes in the entire archipelago and can be visited at any time until 9thJanuary.

Nativity scenes of Casa Ventoso

In Puerto de la Cruz, north Tenerife, the birth of Jesus is recreated via a Canarian Gala. Not one, but several nativity scenes can be found in this municipality. Of the six representations, the Manger of the Old Augustinians and the Neapolitan Manger are two exhibits which offer a realistic depiction of the story of Mary, Joseph and the coming into the world of the Son of God.

Nativity scene of Convento de Franciscano

In the south of Tenerife, the municipality of Granadilla de Abona hosts an exhibition of Mangers made by different senior associations and other groups. It takes place in the Franciscan Convent of San Luis Obispo, in the town of Granadilla. It can be visited until 5thJanuary on weekdays, morning or afternoon.