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How to make your holiday in Tenerife a special trip

Tenerife is one of the most complete destinations in Spain. The multiple options offered make any visit to the island a special trip. Its natural parks, beaches, and deep-rooted culture make the largest island of the Canary Islands the best option for getaways

Apart from its many natural jewels, Tenerife offers many other beautiful and exclusive corners and, add to that, the best climate in the world. So, from GF Hotels, we would like to offer you different options for you to choose during your special trip during these dates.





By walking just once in the historic centre of the city, you will discover why Unesco granted the distinction of World Heritage to the municipality in 1999. It was the first capital of Tenerife and features the earliest Spanish colonial style in the world. The cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, which is surrounded by some 400 buildings bestowed with varying degrees of monumental or environmental protection, deserves a stop along the way. In addition, at this time, the streets are adorned with Christmas motifs that contrast with the age of the streets. The town never loses its sense of welcome for all its visitors and is a fundamental stop to make your trip special.



Las Cañadas del Teide National Park is a World Heritage Site and the most visited in Europe. It is the highest mountain in Spain (3,718 m) and the third largest volcano in the world. If you are looking for some adventure at this time, we can suggest you make the ascent to the peak. The trail begins in Montaña Blanca and, once you reach the top, if you are lucky to have a clear day you will see stunning views.


In Tenerife, there are numerous amazing beaches to visit and you can take advantage of the good weather during this season. Many of the beaches comply with all standards of water quality, safety and general amenities. Therefore, if you are staying with us in the south, we suggest you visit some of the best-known sandy beaches such as Playa del Duque, Playa de Troya or Las Vistas. If you have decided to stay with us in the north of the island in GF Noelia, we can suggest the best volcanic sand beaches in the area. In this case, the essential visits are Playa Jardín, El Bollullo and Los Patos. The bravest dare to take their first dip just after the last chime of New Year rings out; would you dare?

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Taking advantage of the good weather that prevails throughout the year on the island, one of the most demanded activities are water excursions or sports at sea. In Los Gigantes you will find some imposing cliffs, its main claim to fame. Numerous excursions are offered from the port: diving, submarine or boat trips for whale-watching.


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Tenerife offers a rich and varied local cuisine that you cannot miss if you wish to make your trip special. Wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón sauces are, without a doubt, the hallmark of the Canary Islands. If you are passionate about meat, we recommend the exquisite canarian salmorejo rabbit in any of the Guachinches that you can find in the north of the island. You will also find excellent local wines. If, on the contrary, you prefer fish and seafood, a good option to try is Cherne, in any of its versions: grilled, fried or stewed. Finally, during the Christmas period, you cannot miss the specialty of traditional pastries with sweet potato or cabello de ángel marmalade. They are a homemade dessert with the appearance of a patty, with the filling made from sweet potatoes, peeled almonds, lemon and sugar.

We hope that this list of ideas will be of help to plan a special trip over these Christmas dates. We believe that, in addition to enjoying an entertaining holiday in any of our hotels, those who decide to explore Tenerife can also take part in a wide range of different activities that adapt to all tastes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are waiting for you!