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Embarkation of Virgen del Carmen in Puerto de La Cruz

Tenerife is an island with a lot of traditions. Some of them, over the years, have been became essential dates that you should make a note of them in your calendar, such as the case of the embarkation of Virgen del Carmen in Puerto de La Cruz.

The multitudinous procession of Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo, is one of the most popular festivals in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife). This year, we celebrate this beautiful tradition on Tuesday, July 10. This Virgin is the patron saint of fishermen and, although the celebration in her honor is celebrated in many coastal municipalities of the island, in Puerto de la Cruz one lives in a more intense and different way. Without a doubt, it is a feast that you should not miss.

muelle-puerto-de-la-cruz-embarcacion-gf-noeliaEverything starts early, with a flowery dart, which is celebrated in main streets of the town from 7:00 o’clock. In the afternoon the great moment arrives with a mass in honor of Virgen del Carmen, with a floral offering and subsequent procession of the Virgin and San Telmo to the seashore.

Thousands of people wait in the streets of Puerto de la Cruz to follow the walk and accompany the Virgin to the beach of the pier, where fishermen will enter to the sea loading it to upload it to a boat, which will be responsible for carrying it by all the coast of Puerto de la Cruz.

Finally, after this beautiful tribute, begin the popular festivities. It is time to celebrate that everything has been a success and combat the hot summer with a swim on the beach and a wide and varied program of activities offered by the city hall, including live music to continue the celebration until the night falls.

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From GF Hoteles family, we want to invite you to share this important day for the local people. Enjoy this beautiful and incredible celebration with the comfort of our hotel GF Noelia. A few meters from Playa Jardín and just 10 minutes walking from the nerve center of the festivity, our hotel is the best option to live through in first-person experience. In addition, once the celebration is over, you can enjoy a fabulous environment to rest before returning to the routine.