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On May 30th come with us to celebrate Canaries Day!

Canaries Day is unique and special. Every place has a story to tell, a culture that distinguishes it, and proud people, with a great sense of belonging.

On 30th May, the Canarian people celebrate a great holiday throughout all the islands, not only because of its historical significance, but also because it is a moment to remember that we live in a paradise which has everything.

Taking advantage of the anniversary of this event, many diverse activities take place throughout the archipelago, and people reaffirm their devotion to the Canaries.

Flags are flown, shields are displayed, balconies are decorated with flowers and even children dress in their finest typical costumes; not to mention the tastings of local foods & wines, and displays of local fauna, flora…

Historians say that on 30th May 1983, the first session of the Canarian Parliament was held in Santa Cruz, capital of Tenerife.

Since then, this date has been commemorated by the constitution of the first autonomous parliament and, with this, the much longed for desire of the Canarian people to have a greater voice and vote in the country.

It is important for our visitors to know that in the Canaries there is much more than beaches, good weather, holiday leisure areas and nature. It is a tourist’s paradise, with a very interesting history and a unique and spectacular culture.

Its people are always ready to welcome with affection those who come to know and enjoy, in healthy peace, this Olympus of the Atlantic and the diversity of options that it possesses.

From the GF Hoteles chain, we invite you to discover all the charms of our archipelago so that you fall in love with our beautiful islands.

Come with us to celebrate Canaries Day!