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Books to devour on your holidays

During holidays, we seek to escape from the stresses of work so, what better way than reading a book? In this post we will highlight the holiday literature which is so necessary to liven up our free days.

In this short list, we will highlight several “bestsellers” that will hook you from the first page until you find out how the story ends. Enjoying a good book during your holiday can be the perfect turning point to create an unforgettable memory. While your children play in the pool of our family hotels, or on the beach, take advantage of the moment to discover the thrilling stories amidst these titles.

Books to devour on holiday

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz

this book is about a real love story between two prisoners. Lale, who works as a tattoo artist, meets Gita, a young man she falls in love with. From the time they meet, Lale does everything possible to get out of this place with Gita alive. If you were touched by stories like Schindler’s List or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, this true love story will not leave you indifferent.




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The obsession

it is a story of family plots, evil, manipulation and second chances. Naomi is the protagonist of this story, where she discovers the dark secret that her father hid in the forest behind her house. Almost 20 years later she settles in a town on the coast. She cannot avoid returning to the forest, but not only the past stalks her there, but also someone willing to open a door that she thought was closed.




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The girl on the cliff 

Grania has returned to Ireland after her relationship with her boyfriend in New York has ended. There she will form a very good friendship with a girl who raises a deep resentment in both families, although the origin of the resentment nobody wants to talk about. Can Grania manage to make families reconcile and forget the past?




Holiday Literature

Begin Again

Allie Harper has to change cities to go to study at University. She moves from Denver to Woodswill and desperately needs to find an apartment. In a last attempt she finds the perfect house, although not the perfect partner, being a boy (Kaden). They have no choice but to share a flat, and they create some simple rules to live together. However, the rules are made to be broken.





Holiday Literature
We were liars

A family drama from many generations ago. Everything takes place on a private island, where four friends live together, and their friendship becomes destructive. Lies and more lies. A secret. An accident. Love. And finally, the truth. It is full of surprises and will engross its readers in the mystery of the story.





Holiday Literature
Dear Evan Hansen

This story deals with very important issues such as anxiety, social relationships and depression. Evan has the most important opportunity of his life: to say what matters, to create friendships, even to know love. The story of Evan Hansen hooks you from the start by the way he has to tell his story. The anxiety is noticeable as the story progresses.




Books help make long waiting times at airports and endless hours aboard a plane more bearable. Holiday literature also allows you to travel with your imagination and that is very important.

At GF Hotels, we believe that having travel literature on hand during your holiday can be a great way to disconnect your mind from the routine. Immerse yourself in one of these recommended titles to read this summer of 2019!