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A 4 manos oriental en Agüita Food & Drinks
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  • Agüita Food & Drinks delighted the diners at its ‘A 4 Hands Oriental’ event.

Agüita Food & Drinks delighted the diners at its ‘A 4 Hands Oriental’ event.

Lázaro Rodríguez and Alejandro Cruz combined their culinary talents at GF Gran Costa Adeje

Agüita Food & Drinks, the renowned gastronomic space located at GF Gran Costa Adeje, successfully hosted its special event “A 4 Hands Oriental” event last Friday, July 21st. On this occasion, attendees had the privilege of enjoying a culinary fusion resulting from the collaboration between the talented hotel chef, Lázaro Rodríguez, and Alejandro Cruz from La Fábrica de Sushi.

The menu for the “A 4 Hands Oriental” event was simply irresistible. The dishes prepared by this extraordinary chef duo left everyone present wanting more. Among the standout dishes was the exquisite Udon with Grilled Squid, a delight that combined the smoothness of Japanese noodles with the intense and juicy flavour of the grilled squid.

Another star of the night was the Nigiri with Caramelized Tuna and Ginger. This unique combination of ingredients surprised even the most discerning palates, as the caramelized tuna melted in the mouth, while the touch of ginger added a spicy and refreshing twist.

Sushi lovers marvelled at the Sushi Chirashi, a colourful presentation of flavours and textures that highlighted the skill and creativity of the chefs. And to culminate the experience, the Green Tea Mochis provided a sweet and comforting touch to the event, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere at Agüita Food & Drinks was filled with excitement and camaraderie. Diners shared their impressions, interacted with the chefs, and immersed themselves in the richness of Oriental gastronomic culture.