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Sandra Herrera, directora de Comercial y Marketing de GF Hoteles

GF Hoteles grows with internal talent

Sandra Herrera, formerly the manager of GF Fañabé, is the new Director of Sales and Marketing at GF Hoteles

GF Hoteles reaffirms its commitment to the development and promotion of internal talent by appointing Sandra Herrera as the new Director of Sales and Marketing. This exciting promotion showcases the company’s focus on providing opportunities for the growth and professional advancement of its human team.

Following the retirement of Ángel Tomás, a prominent and essential figure in the trajectory of GF Hoteles, Sandra Herrera will assume a strategic position within the company. Ángel leaves behind a legacy of professionalism, leadership, and dedication that has inspired all those who have had the privilege of working alongside him.

Sandra Herrera, who has been part of the GF Hoteles team for over two decades, has demonstrated unparalleled passion and commitment at every stage of her career within the company. Starting as a receptionist and progressing through various key positions, her trajectory has been an example of perseverance and professional growth.

Sandra’s appointment as Director of Sales and Marketing not only highlights her capability and dedication but also becomes an inspiring reference for female leadership in the hotel industry.

“We are excited to continue cultivating a strong and talented team capable of leading and making a difference at GF Hoteles. Sandra brings with her a bold and innovative vision, and we have full confidence that she will lead our team towards new horizons,” stated Victoria López, President of Grupo Fedola.

The focus on internal talent reinforces the company’s philosophy of believing in the potential of its human team and providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in their careers within the organization.