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Guía MICHELIN MICHELIN Guide recomienda Donaire
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MICHELIN Guide recommends Donaire Restaurant

The restaurant, located in GF Victoria, stands out for its presentations and the great prominence of local products

Donaire Restaurant has earned the recommendation of the MICHELIN Guide with its innovative gastronomic proposal under the philosophy of “Living cuisine with local essence.” Driven by a young and passionate team, the restaurant stands out for its careful culinary offering at the GF Victoria hotel.

The backdrop of this achievement is on the fourth floor of GF Victoria, where the team led by Jesús Camacho displays a unique staging. Highlighting a meticulous pastry style, each dish is conceived with a choreography measured to the millimetre.

The MICHELIN Guide highlights Donaire’s gastronomic proposal as “a current cuisine with marked Canarian roots with very delicate presentations and enormous prominence for local produce.” The establishment, recognized for its location in a completely glassed-in semicircular room, stands out for its commitment to freshness, purity, and elegance in each dish.

The evolution in Donaire, a name that conveys humility and gallantry in equal amounts, is based on its concept of a firm commitment to local products, turning to the producers and merchants of the islands who share the same passion for offering the highest quality.

Among the protagonists who contribute to Donaire’s unique gastronomic proposal, Marcos stands out, a fisherman from Lanzarote whose participation is essential to guarantee the freshness and quality of the products. Marcos uses an artisanal fishing alternative known as longline fishing, a meticulous trawling system that selects only fish of a specific size. This commitment contributes to the local and sustainable essence that defines the restaurant’s culinary proposal.

The Victoria Menu is made up of three stages that are associated with musical and theatrical elements. The experience begins with the opening and curtain raising to show a series of finger foods where diners can enjoy Donaire’s cuisine in small bites.

Next, the main event begins, where the entire story of distinct flavours and different textures is developed, applying international techniques to local products. In this case, the gnocchi stands out, one of Donaire’s star dishes where “we use the bonito potato in combination with cheese from Lanzarote to achieve a creaminess that resembles a coulant effect, a concept more typical of pastry,” highlights Jesús. This dish is complemented by a dark base made of poultry and beef, which is cut just before serving with seasonal mushrooms confit in goat’s butter, creating small bites full of creaminess and flavour.

It’s not surprising that, in a very short time, the team’s passionate commitment to offering a gastronomic experience has led to the restaurant being distinguished with the recommendation of the prestigious MICHELIN Guide.