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GF Victoria recibe el Travellers' Choice Awards
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  • GF Victoria is ranked among the top 10% of the best hotels in the world.

GF Victoria is ranked among the top 10% of the best hotels in the world.

Tripadvisor honours GF Victoria in the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2023

GF Victoria, hotel, part of the GF Hoteles chain, has been awarded the ‘Traveller’s Choice 2023’ recognition and is placed among the top 10% of the world’s best hotels in the Tripadvisor ranking. Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel platform that gathers the favourite options and ratings shared by travellers worldwide over the past twelve months.

This award is given based on the quantity and quality of over one billion reviews and opinions from users. It is a testament to the service and quality that GF Victoria consistently provides to its guests.

Tripadvisor has one of the largest travel audiences globally and assists over 490 million visitors each month in reviewing and rating more than eight million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions, making each trip their best experience.

GF Victoria is a hotel designed as tailor-made for its customers. It evokes a concept of harmony, where architectural elegance, sustainability, gastronomy, well-being, and fun come together through proposals designed to delight the senses of both young and old. The GF Hoteles establishment was born with a strong environmental commitment, implementing innovative solutions within its accommodation offering. It was built with a specific orientation to maintain a stable average temperature throughout the year to reduce the use of energy resources. Thanks to this concept, the establishment has received numerous recognitions for sustainable management at the national and European levels.