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We are Pet Lovers

At GF Isabel, we want all family members to enjoy our facilities. That’s why we offer a Pet Friendly program as part of our accommodation options because we want your pet, weighing up to 10 kilograms, to make a lasting impression in our Canarian village.

Stay with your pet and enjoy GF Isabel.

Limited availability. To book this room type, contact info@gfhoteles.com.

Basic or premium welcome pack.
Bathing service
Styling and grooming
Swimming pool

Frequently asked questions about Pet Friendly hotels in Tenerife"

Dogs and cats under 10 kg are allowed.

Pets can accompany their owners on avenues and streets of the hotel, as long as they are properly leashed and do not pose a problem for the other guests. Pets are not allowed in the hotel’s bars and restaurants, as well as in the pool area or recreational areas or activities not intended for the use of pets.
In the recreation and leisure area, Pets Land, the animal must always be accompanied by its family. It is strictly prohibited to leave your pet alone in said area. In case there is more than one animal within the area, they must be on a leash until it is confirmed that there is no problem with coexistence.
Pets must have a veterinary record/vaccination up to date with the current regulations in Spain. A copy of the documentation will be requested at check-in. The hotel reserves the right to refuse pet accommodation if this requirement is not met.
Yes. Pet services included in the hotel must be reserved 24 hours in advance, 48 hours for the grooming and styling service.

Pet friendly

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