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GF Hoteles impulsa la sostenibilidad a través de su equipo
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GF Hoteles promotes sustainability through its team

The hotel chain holds a workshop with its human team on the application of the three “Rs”

GF Hoteles continues to strengthen its sustainability initiatives with a renewed focus on the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse and recycle. In an effort to care for the environment and promote responsible practices, the company held a workshop led by Moisés Expósito, Sustainability Coordinator

In this workshop, the human team of the hotel chain received the keys to adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives and in the workplace. From strategies to reduce resource consumption to methods to reuse materials and effective recycling options, the team committed to implementing concrete actions to minimize the environmental impact of hotel operations.

“At GF Hotels, our mission goes beyond offering unforgettable experiences to our guests. We strive to do so responsibly, demonstrating our commitment to the planet,” emphasized Moisés Expósito. “Every action count, and we are committed to leading the charge toward a more sustainable future.”

The initiative is part of a series of ongoing efforts by GF Hoteles to integrate sustainability into all areas of its operation. From implementing waste management practices to adopting energy efficient technologies, the company exemplifies environmental leadership.

With this renewed commitment, GF Hoteles reaffirms its position as a key player in the promotion of sustainability and demonstrates that, with determination and collaboration, it is possible to build a more respectful future.