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  • Dive in our new pools at the FAÑABE Costa Sur and enjoy.

Dive in our new pools at the FAÑABE Costa Sur and enjoy.

Hot, hot and hotter… This year thermometers reach maximum temperatures in all of Europe.


It’s the perfect time to enjoy sun and the new pools at FAÑABE Costa Sur.

In our hotel where there´s a will, there´s a way. Every day from 10 am to 8 pm you can enjoy the new swimming pools, and those which we have already had, where you can relax, refresh, have fun and swim.


You have to come here as soon as possible to discover everything we’ve made just for you. Everything is waiting to give you a dip in one of our pools and enjoy sun, water and summer.

Currently we have two new swimming pools, in total 5; one of them for children, both heated and with freshwater. The location of the pools permit to our guests that they can enjoy sun to late evening. The sunbeds and the rest of equipment are the supplements for your total comfort.


The smallest guests will also enjoy their swimming pool and a large playground which is located a few steps from the pools.

The Hotel FAÑABÉ Costa Sur**** offers you for free comfortable loungers, necessaries umbrellas, beach-mats and towels.

The blue sky and so hot day, what more could you ask for! Right?

Come here… and do not wait more!

2 nuevas piscinas FANABE Costa Sur

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