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Climbing initiation during your holidays in Tenerife

Practicing climbing during your holiday in Tenerife is a great idea! The climatic conditions that occur on the Island and its rocky geography will make this experience a unique adventure.

Come to Tenerife and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and many places where you can go climbing. You will find routes for all levels, from beginner routes to more difficult routes for slightly more expert climbers. Climb in Tenerife in an alpine environment, narrow ravines, open walls or over the Atlantic Ocean. Getting started climbing during your holiday in Tenerife promises to be a magical memory!

Whether you want to learn from scratch or improve your technique in your preferred mode. You can take advantage of your stay at GF Hotels and practice this sport to make your vacation unforgettable. These are the main climbing modalities that exist:


In this discipline, it doesn’t matter what level you have, since we are always learning as we climb. It can be a movement, a sensation or a small detail that can make a difference. Anchors are previously attached to the wall by mechanical systems.

Traditional climbing

It is an exciting mode of climbing that allows you to travel through rock walls only with recoverable securing means that you place as you progress through the wall. Knowing how to use the material correctly and how to behave in the middle before the unforeseen events that may arise, is a fundamental issue to be able to enjoy pristine walls safely.


In this discipline, we do not usually climb very high to avoid serious problems in case of falls, since bouldering is slightly riskier than the previous ones. It can be done on a rock or on an artificial wooden surface. In Tenerife, you can always practice it on volcanic rocks.

What kind of climbing can you find in Tenerife?


    • Cracks: you can find incredible cracks in the area of Arico, El Río, both equipped, for sports climbing, and clean of all material to enjoy them in the traditional style.
    • Roofs: for those who are passionate about roof climbing, you can find them in the area of Arico and its surroundings with up to 30 meters long.
    • Plates: in Tenerife, you can find plates for all tastes; with strips, blunt grips, with water, vertical, counter-plummeted and collapsed. This type of climbing in Tenerife can be carried out in Tamadaya, El Hoyo, El Río, etc.
    • Boulder: because of the formation of Tenerife you can find many volcanic rocks to be able to do this type of climbing.
    • Traditional Climbing: the most spectacular areas of several lengths can be found on the slopes of the Teide.
    • Psicobloc: along the coast of the island there are multiple volcanic caves, where you can climb without a rope over the sea.

    There are many climbing centres where they offer help to carry out the climbing initiation during your holiday in Tenerife. Take out your most adventurous side and you will enjoy a unique experience.

    At GF Hotels we want your vacation to be perfect and that is why we recommend activities to do as a family. We hope we have aroused your curiosity to start climbing during your holidays in Tenerife. If you decide to explore your adventurous spirit, do not hesitate to contact our team! We will help you prepare your excursion in detail.