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Beyond your imagination with Yeray Vargas

Can you imagine a movie set in our hotels? Today we go beyond your imagination with Yeray Vargas, @varg4s, a young man from Tenerife whose hobby is making image creations on the island combining film and photography. During his time at GF Victoria, he integrated some of the best-known scenes from the world of the big screen at corners of the hotel.

One day walking through the water park we discovered Baloo from the Jungle Book in the rain palm tree and every time we pass by him we can only think of …

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife ????

Carl Fredricksen en El Médano. Foto: @varg4s
Carl Fredricksen at El Medano. Photo: @varg4sCarl Fredricksen at El Medano. Photo: @varg4s

Yeray gave free rein to his imagination in every corner of GF Victoria and confesses that the water park is one of his favorite places in the hotel, where his creativity came to the fore. “It is a very special area to capture any photograph thanks to its slides, the mixture of colors and the bridges that connect with the pools.”

Vargas recalls that “the mind is like a parachute. it doesn’t work unless it’s open.” That is why every Friday we will open ours at GF Victoria to turn our facilities into a movie setPay attention to our Instagram!

The Instagram and Twitter accounts @Varg4s emerged when Yeray discovered the ‘Sleeveface’ trend, which consists of using vinyl record covers to take a picture with the right perspective, clothing and pose. With this technique, the eye is fooled and the cover photo is integrated into the scene.

“I liked the idea so much that I came up with a project to merge the landscapes of the island of Tenerife with movie scenes. In this way, I uploaded a first photograph, to see the reaction of my followers, in which Forrest Gump can be seen running along the long and well-known road of the Cañadas del Teide National Park”, Vargas emphasizes.

El Teide, escenario del Hobbi
El Teide, stage of The Hobbit. Photo: @varg4s

Yeray imagines Tenerife as the setting for ‘The Lord of the Rings’, because “its spectacular volcanic landscape becomes a source of inspiration to recreate the scenery of Mordor”. We are sure that when you visit Tenerife and one of our hotels, you will find countless cinematic corners accompanied by your favorite character.