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The sustainable commitment of GF Hotels

On 16th September,  we celebrate International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. It is a date that reminds us of the importance of ozone for life on Earth, which we must protect for future generations.

At GF Hotels, we live this day with the joy of celebrating our involvement in curbing global warming with practices that defend tourism which is respectful of the environment. Did you know that at GF Hotels, we have reduced 60% of our carbon footprint in just 10 years? Today we want to promote our commitment to the environment.

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CO2 reduction

At GF Hotels, we are committed to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. To do this, we are working on various actions included in our 2018-2020 Strategic Sustainability Plan. The reduction of plastic, the use of 100% renewable energy, as well as the reduction in water consumption, electricity and chemical products, are just some of the sustainable practices we undertake to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Plastic reduction

If you visit the GF Hotels establishments, you will see that plastic water bottles have been replaced by glass or cardboard ones. The straws are now made of a recyclable compostable material, the cutlery from a corn derivative, and the plastic cups have been replaced by reusable ones. In addition, the use of plastic bottles by both guests and staff has been gradually replaced by aluminium ones and plastic wristbands have been replaced by cloth ones.

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100% renewable energy and ecological products

At  GF Victoria, GF Gran Costa Adeje, GF Isabel, GF Fañabé and GF Noelia, the energy used comes from renewable sources;  also, 80% of the chemical products used in cleaning are biodegradable.

Thanks to these actions, we were able to become the first hotel chain in Europe and third in the world to obtain the ISO 21401: 2019 certification for meeting the environmental, social and economic requirements of the sustainability management system for tourist accommodation. This regulation guarantees our involvement in actions that contemplate responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.

At GF Hotels, we understand that sustainability is a long-distance race where the important thing is not to be the first, but to maintain a constant rhythm. We hope you decide to spend your holiday at GF Hotels and learn first-hand about our sustainable commitment in these three aspects: social, economic and environmental. We are waiting for you!