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  • The ‘Donaire nights’ are back with new flavours, new sensations and a new menu

The ‘Donaire nights’ are back with new flavours, new sensations and a new menu

  • GF Victoria’s à la carte restaurant reopens after five months of closure due to the incidence of Covid

    Francisco Expósito, Donaire’s chef, highlights the new gastronomic proposal as “a concept created for the customer to live and enjoy the essence of local products transformed in our style”

    Donaire celebrates Canary Islands Day with a special menu to pay tribute to the culture of the islands with a fresh and renewed look

    Donaire Restaurant, located on the fourth floor of GF Victoria hotel, reopens its doors to the public after five months of closure due to the incidence of the Covid in the islands. The team, led by the chef, Francisco Expósito, returns “eager to light the stove to enjoy, taste and play with the canarian products and traditional flavours.

    ‘Donaire nights’ offer a new, careful gastronomic proposal that is made up of two tasting menus: Victoria (9 dishes) and Donaire (6 dishes). A gastronomic feast that is created so that the client can enjoy the dishes and their different flavours. “Our most special menu is Victoria, where we wanted to give importance to the sweet potato from Lanzarote and make a vegetable the protagonist of the experience”, highlights Francisco Expósito.

    The cuisine of Donaire Restaurant “is based on taking the local products, transforming them and giving them our personal touch, without forgetting where we come from”, highlights Expósito. The experience begins with cold, warm and hot appetizers such as smoked eel with foie yogurt, radish wisps, cocoa beans; lobster in red onion broth, goat hollandaise, garlic-parsley puff pastry: or canarian stew with pork, Lanzarote sweet potato with milled gofio.

    Local fish from the Canary Islands, such as octopus and hake, are served with a Canarian ranch and homemade tabasco, as well as with local potatoes, citrus leek and coriander emulsion, respectively. Likewise, Exposito adds the recipe for the barbarian duck with vinegar, beet, pickles and celeriac, as well as the veal cheek with acidulated cassava puree and reduced juice with hoisin.

    The menu is completed by desserts that are an essential part of Donaire’s offer. The hand of his pastry chef, Jesús Camacho, is reflected in ‘Mandala’, an explosion of colours based on apricot chutney, yogurt, turmeric, red pepper and flowers; or in ‘Pinus’, a beautiful set of blond chocolate, rosemary, coffee and pine nuts. The maitre, Mayta Meza, offers a pairing comprised of red wines, sparkling whites and ice cider.

    Donaire celebrates Canary Islands Day

    The chef Francisco Expósito, one of the biggest names in Canarian haute cuisine, is inspired by the flavours of his childhood and the aromas of the islands, to create a six-course Canary Day menu; a tribute to the purest Canarian culinary tradition, but with a fresh and renewed look. This special menu can be tasted exclusively at dinner on Sunday, May 30, together with the selection of Canarian wines made by the head of the room, Mayta Meza. The pineapple from El Hierro, the pineapple from the millet or the local potatoes from Tenerife, are some of the star products of this menu, in pure Canarian style.