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Do you know about the San Andrés Festivals? | GF HOTELES

Tenerife has always been synonymous with fun, dancing and a great atmosphere, both for residents as well as tourists. Some dates are marked on the calendar as a priority, such as those of the San Andrés festivities.

The municipality of Icod de Los Vinos hosts this impressive festival on the eve of San Andrés, on 29 th and 30 th November each year.

More than a religious celebration, it is an event full of merriment. The enjoyment of games, along with culture and gastronomic experiences join together to celebrate the opening of the wineries in the area.

The role of “The Tables of San Andrés” is fundamental. Neighbours of the municipality and visitors gather to enjoy this tradition which has passed from generation to generation, and continues with gusto today.

The crowd gathers in the village of the Millennial Dragon Tree, to take their tables of Tea wood on which one or more people sit and go sliding through the steep streets of this northern municipality.

Of all the slopes in the tourist quarter, the one that stands out is the “Calle del Plano” street. Here you can see the largest tables and those that reach the highest speeds. The experts in this art usually smear the bottom of their boards with grease in order to break the speed record during their slide and surprise the spectators. It´s a sight to behold!

The original date of this tradition is unknown, but it is related to the ancient transportation of wood from inland down to the coast.
It is a local custom that arose spontaneously when the workers of the wineries of Icod climbed on the wood they were transporting to the beach.

But these celebrations are not all about tables… The famed table slides are joined by the seasonal chestnuts and the opening of the cellars of the “City of Drago” for the premiere of the new wine harvests.

This is one of the most significant traditions of the municipality as well as the island. Party, tradition, gastronomy, fun, participation, history, beautiful cultural environments and much more…

Without a doubt, the San Andrés festivities represent another reason to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful paradise that is Tenerife.