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  • Jesús Camacho, pastry chef of Donaire, chosen as stagier (intern) by El Celler de Can Roca

Jesús Camacho, pastry chef of Donaire, chosen as stagier (intern) by El Celler de Can Roca

Among the thousands of applicants from around the world, Camacho has been selected to live and work for 15 days (from 17th February) in the kitchen of the prestigious Celler, where he will learn with the Roca brothers

The Nuevo Canarian Cuisine, avant-garde but maintaining tradition, the taste for exotic fruits and vegetables, and a free and refined creativity, define the creations of Camacho, a highlight of the restaurant menu

 2020, a very sweet year for Jesús Camacho. After his revealing and successful presentation in Madrid Fusión just a few weeks ago, the young pastry chef from Donaire restaurant (Hotel GF Victoria) prepares to embark on a new and exciting adventure. This time, it will be a top challenge: an intensive course in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world (No. 1 in the 50 Best in 2013 and 2015) and which has three Michelin stars: El Celler de Can Roca (Girona).

The technical virtues and creative talent of this young pastry chef have made it possible for him to be chosen from among the thousands of applicants from all over the planet who yearn to receive training in the restaurant of the famous Roca brothers. An achievement that goes hand in hand with the unique work and style that Donaire’s team has been developing, led by chef Francisco Expósito and room manager Mayta Meza.

The creations of Camacho, in perfect synergy with the culinary design of Expósito, perfectly describe the concept of Nuevo Canarian Cuisine that is triumphing in Spain. Desserts offering harmonies and avant-garde contrasts that, although based on tradition, they fly with unprecedented technical finesse, to new signature universes, with a style based on the fair and precise use of sugar, the enhancement of exotic Canarian fruit, vegetables as a telluric element and the explosive final taste sensation.

Brezo y mango Jesus Camacho 1 1
Brezo & mango by Jesús Camacho

Cosmopolitan Talent.
 Formed with the great Oriol Balaguer, Jordi Butrón and Frederic Bau, this young revelation pastry chef was invited to be part of the Donaire kitchen team from its inception in 2018.

Camacho receives the opportunity to feel like one more team member of El Celler de Can Roca, full of “illusion and nerves” because being an intern here is almost impossible due to the long queue of chefs from around the world seeking a place. It is a lot of responsibility being under the command of Jordi Roca, Best Confectioner in the World 2015 in the 50 Best ”.

For Jesus, this unique opportunity is a challenge in which one of the main objectives is “to watch closely and learn El Celler’s operating method, which is an example of perfection, ethics and creative excellence in world gastronomy”.

Jesus says that the philosophy that has led El Celler to success and given pastries a value as the final point of the gastronomic proposal, is also applied in all his creations in the Donaire restaurant. “Desserts that surprise the palate, are visually attractive and, in turn, can also be interactive.”

The internship of Jesus Camacho will begin on 17th February at the facilities of El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona.

A unique experience for a young Canarian talent that amazed everyone at the Madrid Fusion showcooking event last January and, with all that has been learned, he will continue to delight Donaire’s clients and friends with renewed and original creations.