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We celebrate the International Day of the Environment!

Today, June 5 is the International Day of the Environment, a date that seeks to raise awareness in society of the importance of carrying out sustainable development in order to help preserve the environment. As you have imagined, one more year we join this important initiative that seeks to promote responsible consumption of our resources and energies.

From GF Hoteles, we work every day to build a philosophy based on promoting a socially responsible tourism, based on admiration and respect for the environment. For this reason, our chain is firmly committed to renewable energies, since we believe that it’s the best way to carry out a sustainable business activity that is careful with the environment.

Action plan


Within our action plan, these are some of the actions that are carried out daily in our hotels:

  • Use of renewable energies: 70% of our consumption comes from renewable sources. We have installed a total of 1034 solar panels that are used to heat water and a biomass boiler whose fuel comes from wood from pruning. We firmly believe that there is more chance of growth if we make responsible use of resources.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: In the last 9 years, we have saved 2.200 tons of CO2 thanks to the reduction of the use of propane gas with our Biomass boiler, the installation of solar panels, the use of chillers to recover the heat emitted in swimming pool circuits and the use of LED technology to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Reduction of water consumption: We work on constant water saving, being very aware of the importance of this natural resource introducing continuous improvements in our facilities (sinks in toilets and showers, improving the filtration of water in swimming pools, use of an intelligent gardening).
  • Reduction of energy expenditure: we use the most advanced technologies that help us achieve the objectives we set ourselves (low consumption LED lamps, presence sensors in common bathrooms, replacement of fluorescent lighting with a more efficient one, control of the external lighting consequently to the use of natural light, switches with timer and the use of our solar panels.
  • Transformation of the Corporate Culture: We have saved approximately 13 tons of paper in the last year thanks to the continuous training we do for our employees as part of the awareness of good practices developed in our chain.


GF Victoria

Our Hotel GF Victoria has an Honorary Recognition of TSMEDIA Category for the best project in sustainability and hotel rehabilitation in Spain, which is one of the 10 most sustainable hotels in Spain.

The youngest of the hotels in our chain, stands out for its energy efficiency model, especially in the design of materials used in the walls and roofs of the building. This leads us to have greater thermal insulation and lower consumption of conventional energies. This commitment has been key for GF Victoria to be the first type An energy certification for a new hotel in the Canary Islands.

From GF Hotels we want to remember that the conservation of the environment is everyone’s task. Join our commitment to protect the planet!