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22 of February, 2019

GF Hoteles promotes the active involvement of employees in waste management

By 22 of February, 2019September 15th, 2022NEWS, SUSTAINABLE

This is an initiative that adds to the effort to promote good sustainability practices.

GF Hotels continues its commitment to promote environmental awareness through actions such as the Environmental Awareness Day, which was held at GF Gran Costa Adeje and was presented by the chain’s Sustainability Coordinator, Moisés Expósito, with the aim of promoting active involvement of employees in waste management.

On this day, more than 50 employees of GF Hotels came together to see the application of the three Rs  (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). This adds to the effort to promote good sustainability practices, as well as stimulating participation of colleagues to reinforce teamwork in the chain.

The three Rs are the three basic steps to reduce the production of waste or generated waste, in addition to developing responsible consumption habits and reducing the carbon footprint. “As small as it may seem, each action counts, and small gestures involve the three R’s,” said Moisés Expósito, who also stressed the importance of managing waste according to its type, since “any waste that becomes a resource creates a circular economy “.